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How to Learn Real Science

When you limit the information you learn from, you limit the ability to see the whole picture.
A real scientist will read all knowledge from all fields, that mankind has to offer before making any conclusions on any part of it. If you are too lazy to do that , then you are not a real scientist. One thing is for sure ……: You have no standards for Truth. Or you don’t care about the Truth and are satisfied with nonsense beliefs.
If you limit the places where you are “allowed” to absorb knowledge because some cultural icon tells you it is not good for you, then you are indoctrinated and have a very limited amount of human knowledge from which to make your decisions and conclusions for you own life and for the benefit of those around you.
If you understand the nature of indoctrination:
1/ Control the understanding of definiteness, definitions and what is called “science”. That means that if you control ideas, then you can indoctrinate.  The idea of not needing absolutely irrefutable evidence in order to “accept” a “scientific” concept is utter fraud, and used to indoctrinate.
2/ Your indoctrination consists of a mix of more truth in the beginning (Your mother’s eyes are blue and your father’s eyes are blue then..>Having nothing to do with evolution.), then add your garbage beliefs, gradually, until the student is fully indoctrinated. By the end of this, the student will believe anything your trained indoctrination teachers tell them. Never tell the students where you are taking them until you are assured they are fully ready for the final premise of delusional garbage as you learned it.
3/ Set up false authority, in human institutions. Give big rewards and put them on TV. This is the icon principle.  People are naturally looking for guidance, so use that against them.  Give status to the people who support any dogma of belief you want to inflict on them.
4/ Use natural human flaws, like ego, pride and status as a means to control them and use them like pawns.  Once they declared their allegiance to this idea of “evolution” or whatever, they are “baptized fully”. Now the ego will not let them look beyond the fantasy belief.
5/ Set one faction against the other, and with your indoctrinated flock, you use them to perpetuate your fraud. People like to think there is right and wrong and they always want to be “right”.  There is no right and wrong, there is only delusions of right and wrong.  Then there is the absolute Truth.
Example; This idea of Creationism VS Evolution is not an argument for science.  It is a religious argument of dogma and belief. OBVIOUSLY.
6/ Make up your own dogma of jargon, that only the “ordained” can understand.  Use magical words like “random” and feed that into the definitions so that the indoctrinated think it is real.
As an example, I have read over 200 books on astrology; everything from “Vedic” astrology, Astrocartography, Sideral Astrology, Arabic astrology, and Scientific Astrology, from Germany in which they perform experiments and do studies on each of their hypothesis on any single premise.
Scientific Astrology has promise. But not for the reasons they believe in.
Because of that I know a heck of a lot about astrology and all the ideas of it and what shows themes and what is false.  I KNOW from Direct knowledge of the subject that MOST of it is false, because the Astrologers have no credibility and do not use any form of scientific method to gain conclusions.
  You would not know that unless you have studied it as I have, until then you get your information “second-hand” from people who have never studied it. Or those delusional people who think it gives them power.  This is much like the PhD’s who sell Evolution.
I have also studied, physics, math, chemistry, electronics, paleontology, atomic theory, and quantum theory, genetics, biology and I have been deeply studying this “Theory Of Evolution” lately (2007 to 2014) and very intensely. There is no one, that I know of who has done this.
I developed the idea of Big Bang on my own after reading thousands of books including religious books. I came up with the original concept on it in the shower when I was 16 years old.  Then as physicists from all over the earth did studies I read them.  My version is summarized  here and based on MODERN evidence:
I was involved in Electronics and Electrical Engineering  because it was a real science that produced results that were easy to confirm.  Evolution has never produces a single positive result for biology nor for the medical fields.  It is a worthless religion of retards. Genetics is science and genetics actually shows the direction of life is only towards extinction.
This is the real definition of Evolution: This is where these morons are taking you when you go to school these days.
“Evolution: this idea that by some magical god of Evolution, “information” is added to an already exiting life form and it becomes more advance by this magic.”  That some magical processes that have never been observed, creatures get more complex, have new genetic features “blossom” for no reason, get bigger, get smaller, smarter, stronger and more able to survive when the environment changes.
All of the evidence, and I mean all of it is contrary to this idea. This shows you the power of religious ideas that get into academia and people are paid to perpetuate it.
This is the biggest pile of religious garbage I have ever witnessed, and, NOTHING in evidence supports this.
I have also studied pretty much every religion on this planet.  I have read all the writings of many philosophers and people who were recognized enlightened people.  I have found there are various levels of “enlightenment” and delusions still in control.
I have read the writings of many successful people who have proved success.  I don’t read the writings of people who were failures until they wrote a book on success and rehashed the same stuff that the original successful people taught them, but they never used.
I have been to foreign countries, and gotten rid of a lot of crap beliefs about, boundaries, race, religion, science, and other foolish things that cause people to suffer in ignorance and I have also found that what stops suffering in all cases is knowledge and continually seeking the Truth.  Never believe anyone on anything unless you have ALL the evidence.
When all you have is a tiny library of science books from people who repeat the same HEMG (human emotional mental garbage)  that every other scientist teaches, (and they only rehash the same HEMG), then you will start to realize just how limited and extremely self restricted these people are.
Today we have “science” says this “science” says that, “Scientists prove this”, “Scientists suggest that they have found the answer” and other such nonsense.
If these people knew even half of what I know by NOT LIMITING the sources of information, then they would not seem so ignorant to me.  When people parade ignorance and actually think they are intelligent, while at the same time just repeating the common religious beliefs, it makes me want to vomit to listen to them.  I am sorry if that offends you, but ignorant people who pretend to be intelligent are found in institutions and they teach whatever dogma their government tells them to teach.
If you only get your information from the people who are PAID to indoctrinate you, then you are not a scientist, you are not even an intelligent person.  You are indoctrinated and the people who are teaching you are paid to keep you as ignorant as they are.  They do not want someone to advance science so they lose their jobs.  PERIOD.
They will never allow any concepts that are based on evidence and do not produce the same conclusions they have bought into.  Once you buy into some idea and you profess (professor) to only believe that, then you  have limited your ability to learn anything.  You are what is known as “willfully ignorant”.
I find it ridiculous for a “science professor” to pretend that he is open minded and willing to see where the evidence takes him.  I have NEVER seen one of those.  They would lose their jobs quickly if they actually taught what is found in evidence based science.
All I teach is for people to learn how to learn.
1/ Learn all that you can from all areas of life.  All books and all that people have written on these subjects.  Talk to people and listen to their beliefs, but don’t believe them. You are to research for a long time far away from dogma.  Then and only then make conclusions after at least 20 years of study.
2/ The first rule of science is cause and effect. If someone uses magical reasons like “random” causes you know they are insane. There is no random in the physical reality, only cause and effect exist. Stupid people, pretending to be smart will pull the “random card” when they have no clue what the cause is.
3/ Do NOT believe any of it until it fits with all the evidence and you have looked at the premise with every possible piece of evidence. If you have not done that, you are not  a scientist.  (Your typical Evodelusionism believer goes to school to learn Evodelusionism. They don’t go there to find out Evodelusionism is false.)
4/ Still remain skeptical of your own conclusions.  Keep yourself separated from any emotional reason to believe.  Don’t even trust yourself that your conclusions are 100% correct and keep testing them until you die or they are proven deeply, beyond all possible doubt, to you absolutely.
5/Never take the plunge and declare any allegiance to any idea that humans have, because that is “scientific death”.  Never get a degree in HEMG and pronounce your allegiance to the cause.  Beliefs are scientific intellectual suicide. 
6/ Never tell others you believe in anything that you have doubts about.  Listen to your doubts and tell others to “get lost” until they have something really compelling and has absolutely irrefutable evidence, and all the evidence we do have only points to one conclusion.  Only do this after you have observed and follow exactly the first three steps of this program I am laying out to you.
7/ There are only two things that exist on this planet when it comes to knowledge:
A/ Not proven Human Emotional Mental Garbage (commonly called nonsense or BS) .
B/ The Truth.
8/ Never inflict your beliefs on others as absolute truth, until you have that absolute evidence.  Always say that this is your “concept that you are testing”; if that is the case.
9/ Never believe that “scientists” have the absolute truth and are some form of “gods of the universe”. This is called the “Greek God” syndrome, where half-baked fools with PHD’s have their egos boosted by their position and start believing in their own HEMG (human emotional mental garbage).
Anyone who thinks they have ALL the answers, has no answers but only extremely limited beliefs.
10/ Anyone who tells you that their version of the truth is the only version, is lying.  The Truth is revealed to you as you are willing to withstand it. (The truth about humanity is pretty horrible.)   The truth stands on its own and requires no interpretation. The truth is “self evident” and extremely obvious, but brainwashing into a religious idea will prevent you  from seeing it until you get “un-brainwashed”.  (Yes you are brainwashed, as all people are. This is a law of science.)
11/ Anyone who tells you that you must be “educated” in their system, in order to understand some “science”, is a liar.  You can get an education but never believe any of it until it is proven to you absolutely.  This is the “get an education” HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) that causes ignorance. People are full of HEMG in all walks of life!  Never believe anyone on anything, (including me, the author of this).
12/ Get un-brainwashed by methods that work.  How do you know they work?  If you can understand things better, have a raised IQ from testing; find that your life has drastically improved, PERMANENTLY, not some “religious emotional experience” that makes you feel good. Deep changes to your psyche are required to get free of cultural brainwashing, and you are the only one who can do this and only for yourself, using whatever REALLY works.
13/ Teach others what you have learned only after you have removed all that you know to be false.  To find the truth, remove all that is shown to be just a human belief from your mind.  When you realize that 99.9% of human beliefs are fed by emotions greed, fear, money, pride, ego, and ignorance, that means you get rid of all of them and start over by objectively testing each and every premise. If any part of the premise has holes that are filled in with belief and faith only, then you have to test it over and over and over before making any “commitment” to it.  In other words never commit to anything humans believe as truth, keep going forward until you are completely free of all HEMG.
14/ When you are free of all HEMG, you are able to experience and see the Truth.  “Seek and you shall find. Ask and you will be given.”  As you go on this path of removing HEMG, you will see “your eyes open” to a continual removal of the HEMG. When all the HEMG is gone all that is left is the Truth.
15/ Never overlook a way to learn, because some fool, some institution, some “professor” tells you that you can’t do that or tries to imply you are a fool to study evidence away from their dogma.  As soon as someone tells you that they are the only source of “truth”, you know they are lying.  If they tell you that “these people are very bad” to learn from, then go learn from them. Those are the people you need to check out to see if what they say has any absolutely irrefutable evidence to back it.   This is because many people have found the truth, the same truth ,by many different paths.  Eventually they all say that the path got them there, but they just left it behind after they made the leap into objective awareness of reality. The path is considered to be like a vehicle. Once the vehicle gets you to the destination, get out of the vehicle. You can then teach others by using that vehicle.
In biology, and any science associated with the “Theory of Evolution” they are extremely limited in awareness.  They live in a tiny box of what academia allows them to know.  And they are taught to NEVER go outside the “scientific community” for any information on science.
That is a cult; not a science.  If you are afraid of the truth then you will hide from it.  If the truth will cost you your $150,000 to $200,000 a year professorship then you will not seek the truth, you will perpetuate your beliefs on students and victimize them exactly the same way you were victimized.
The Truth will set you free.


Ancient Complex Computers

Reality is far more interesting and tells the Truth much better than fantasy.

In case you are not up to speed on DNA studies of ancient people….Ancient people were a lot more intelligent and had far better memories.  Many of the ancient scriptures were handed down by word of mouth for over 5000 years. This is because humans could remember large volumes of information and have instant recall. 

In India the Upanishads, having thousands of verses was passed down for over 5500 years before it was written down.   There was no need for paper if you have a perfect memory and can recall things in 3D. 

The average IQ must have been in the 250 range.

There is a fellow in ancient Greece who designed an astrological clock in 3D without any drawings. It took scientists nearly 3 years to  figure out how it works.  
It was made about 70 BCE.

Here is a later version from about 700 years ago.

And the recent study of Ancient DNA by the renowned scientist and professor of genetics at Stanford, Dr Gerald Crabtree, came to the conclusion that the ancients were far more intelligent and far less emotional.  The simply were not as degraded as we are.

So when you compare the ancients to modern people you are comparing people who were more intelligent than Einstein as the common person.  The need for technology and medical had not developed because there was no need.

People are Always Asking About Black Holes and What They Are.



When people believe in magical ideas that make no sense based on all the science and data we actually do know, it makes for some interesting ideas from academic science.  It has been this way for a long time (like since the first idea of physical science started).  And “scientists” cannot simply say they “don’t know”. They must make up fantasy in order to answer the question.  I don’t do that.

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” Albert Einstein


Black Hole with gases showing the path way.

Actually, I am a scientist with high intelligence and only base my conclusions on physical data, because I study all the facts from all the data there is available on this subject.   I can put together thousands of pieces of data I am able to make conclusions based on actual physical science using cause and effect, NOT magical faith based human weakness  as is common today.

As long as (weak and stupid humans) scientists and magicians have existed these fantastic ideas of magical answers have been around.  

For a long time, and still to this day, “scientists” have attributed magical qualities to black holes.  It interferes with real scientific conclusions about the universe.  It is just like days of old when the gods were many and they gave them different names and attributes and came to magical conclusions based on primitive fears and fantasy.    Black holes are not magical portals into time and space.

There is nothing magical about them.  There is no magic in science.


It is no different today. The high priests given the task of telling people what they believe and passing down these false beliefs as if they were facts from the gods themselves.    Human egos are always trying to elevate these priests (PhDs) into some form of messenger from God.    If they don’t have a clue they make up crap and they are supposed to be smart (but we know from DNA studies of ancient DNA, that modern humans are degraded and stupid).  Modern government/academic scientists are the nut jobs of today, just like the high priests of old. They are forced to conform to the “consensus” and what the politicians tell them to teach, even if it is utter foolish nonsense that they kowtow and believe in order to get a degree or a paycheck.  

According to real science, when objects in space travel at high speeds they gain both in density/mass and in force. The molecules are pressed in tight towards the center of the object and it has HUGE forces.  The individual atoms of this huge object traveling through space, gain in force and density as they speed up.  The gravitational force of huge bodies in space increases with speed. The most density and mass can only be obtained at speeds close to or faster than the speed of light at which speed they disappear.   This is well known from CERN studies on particle physics.  It was in 2008 that they published the data on this, stating that again “Einstein’s theory is proven”.  

If you don’t know this you would go with the old ideas still believed by these silly men who call themselves “scientists”, who cannot escape the magical ideas still being taught. Once an idea is entrenched in egos and pride, it takes centuries to remove it from academia as proven by Galileo, Kepler, Einstein and all the old real scientist who realized that the government institutions are full of shit and not ever to be believed. 

“All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”  I. F. Stone



Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.

“Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.”
“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”
“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
(and my favorites, based on my conclusions about modern intelligence)
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”
“In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep.”
“He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt.”

A  black hole is not some magical time machine, nor is it a port-hole to some other dimension.  This is some of the most ridiculous crap taught today.  This idea that with magical words science has a grasp on some mystical god is utter garbage.

You may notice that scientist use a special jargon to sell themselves as “special” interpreters of this magical “truth” only they can understand.  This is the same crap that is used in Churches using magical languages to sell religion. 

At the center of most galaxies are huge black holes and they appear, by observation,  to be the force that holds them together.   It is not magic that pulls bodies in space towards the center of the galaxie.  The laws of cause and effect demand that a force does this.   And for these galaxies to be formed, something must form them. That is the force of a huge body in space travelling at tremendous speeds and this gives it enough gravitational force to pull in all the bodies and gases found in galaxies.  It is the force that makes galaxies in our universe.

This “black very dense body of mass (real physical matter) was traveling at maximum speeds and it was HUGE.   It has enough force to cause matter and gasses to be pulled towards it.  It is not a magical hole in time and space.  It is the “pathway” of this HUGE DENSE and rapidly moving body of PHYSICAL matter that we see in a “black hole”.  The object is LONG GONE.  

Einstein showed by his theory of relativity and it clearly shows this,  that if a body in space is traveling at close to the speed of light (and you are traveling away from it), you cannot see it and any light it emits will not reach our location.  Light travels at a fixed speed.   And we will never see the light of this body, unless we speed up in the direction of the black hole until the light (electromagnetic light wave) is caught up to. The light is actually traveling away from us at the same speed as the original huge mass and so unless we speed up near the speed of light, towards it we will never see it, or any of its past light.  Even its past light is moving away from us.


Now when you look at a black hole, you will understand what it is. It is not some mystical force as the retarded scientists believe.  Also, remember what is seen is not happening NOW.  


One of the things that is taking place recently is that “scientists” are calling all black objects found in space to be black holes. They may just be black objects that simply do not reflect light nor radio waves.

By the way radio waves are light traveling at a different speed and frequency.

Religion Is Not God and Most are Against God’s Teaching.

 It turns out that I don’t have a religion.  God = Truth.
God does not = religion.   Most religions are pathetic and are liars, because what they teach has nothing in common with the Truth contained in ancient scriptures.

As Gandhi Said:  “I love your Christ.  I just don’t like Christians.” 

This is because the original Church was nothing more than the state owned indoctrination system for the emperor or the kings of old.   The king or emperor was considered to be ordained by God and you better “rape pillage and murder” if “god” tells you.  The British have a lot of blood guilt and try to hide there past in “hate for religion” so they created a new state owned religion called “Evodelusionism”.

And the biggest thing wrong with the “King James Version” is the “King” part.  The original scrolls don’t read like that.  The best version of the Bible I have ever seen is this one.  

The latest thing is to blame religion for all the evil in the world.  And they are sort of right.  Because the foundation of most religions is in pagan nonsense that Jehovah God never “endorsed”.

It turns out that this religion is far worse than any prior religion because it has no morals at all and the UK has the worst historical rise of genetic disease and deformity now.   1000% rise in cancer in 100 years. 

I have traveled as far away as India in search of the Truth. What I found was the same Truth there as in the Bible.


In the Bible God talks about the end of this system of things and a new system of peace love an understanding to come for those who align with God’s teaching.  

In Indian traditions: The world of life on earth will be destroyed at the end of the “Kali Yuga”. Where we are now. 

The Kali Yuga is the worst of human degradation with hate, war, disease, and short lives and  huge levels of suffering.  Suffering and short lives are the essence of the current yuga.  It is stated that in this yuga human life will be under 25 years, and it is.  If you remove all artificial life support we would not live past 25 years with mass hyper pandemic death of children from diseases. 

According to medical doctors I have chatted with, 25 is very optimistic, since we lived to 35 in the 1600’s with no medical nor vaccines. Now we are so degraded that in spite of medical treatments we continue to degrade very rapidly:

Cancer in the USA has risen by 700% in 114 years.  In the UK over 1000%.
1 in 10 children are born with serious “rare” genetic diseases that require lifelong treatment in order to live.  Some have to undergo 20 or more surgeries to cut out and repair the degradation.
1 in 3 people will die from cancer between the age of 15  and before the age of 64 (CDC report 2007).
Women in the USA are dying younger now and have more heart disease. 
According to the CDC and American Diabetes Association 1 in 3 people are pre-diabetes.  1 in 12 are being treated for diabetes now and it has risen by 366% in 29 years. By 2050 1 in 3 according to CDC will have diabetes at the present rate of rise.  (However, my calculations show that other diseases will overpower this one so that people will die younger and younger as we continue to degrade from fetal mutations at conception from STD’s attacking our germ line cells at reproduction.)

We have approximately 120 MILLION cases of STD’s in a country of less than 320 Millon people.  Most STD’s are in young women.  A woman with any STD is a fetal mutant producer.  You see infections at conception destroy the human genome one infection at a time.  The “host” cell DNA is changed forever as the virus disrupts the DNA and reverse transcriptase into the first cell of the zygote.  This is where the rise in cancer and all human suffering in babies comes from ultimately.  (We inherited the sins of our ancestors who did the same thing that we are doing to our children.)

The main cause of children dying is genetic defects.  It is not caused by some magical cause.  Humans constantly have cancer cells, a healthy person (If you could find one.) would destroy those cells by their immune system.  But since we are degrading so fast our immune system cannot deal with cancer cells. 

Only a stupid person who cannot look around doesn’t know this.  If you government keeps this data from you in the schools is for a reason.  If they can keep the gravy train going, there is a huge pile of money to be made off human suffering.

Every year the USA spends over $9,000,000 Per person on medical gross revenue.  It is the most lucrative of all businesses.  The total gross exceeds all other types of businesses and it is expected to be the number one “Job” in the USA if we can find people who are not sick or retarded to work there. 

At the present rate of mental retardation, in less than 100 years there will be no one to do surgery, pass any medical exams, nor be able to treat any diseases. 

The record of mental degradation goes hand in hand with the physical rise of genetic diseases.  30% of children in USA schools are treated with drugs for ADD/ADHD or for autism.  
40% of USA, high school senior students cannot read nor write in English and cannot do check book math, right now.  (The poor quality school system is parly to blame. The rest is simple retardation.) The other 60% have an average IQ under 90.   It is extremely rare to find any intelligence on this planet, and those with intelligence do not believe in magical Evolution.

If Evolution was not easy to brainwash and was not profitable it would never be taught in any school.  Only brainwashing that feeds the system of disease and death is allowed because it is profitible and no sexually compulsive retard wants to realize that the Bible was correct.

Humans are so diseased now that you cannot kiss on the mouth and not risk getting an STD.

However, the CDC states clearly Bible principles for reproductive health because of the utter failure of the “condom” program.

According to the CDC “safe sex” is only between monogamous couples, tested clean of diseases,  who do not cheat and don’t kiss anyone else on the mouth.  There is only one way to protect the children of the future from the devastation we see already in genetically caused diseases from fetal mutations at conception. 

This is the ONLY SAFE SEX.

“Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission. To achieve the maximum protective effect, condoms must be used both consistently and correctly. Inconsistent use can lead to STD acquisition because transmission can occur with a single act of intercourse with an infected partner. Similarly, if condoms are not used correctly, the protective effect may be diminished even when they are used consistently. *The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner*. However, many infected persons may be unaware of their infections because STDs are often asymptomatic or unrecognized.”

This article was posted because of the ineffectiveness of condoms, even all the free condoms, because people are ignorant and seem to be compulsive about not understanding the nature of these pathogens.

The diseases that can be transmitted by just skin contact are several viral infections and many bacterial infections.  Kissing is a perfect way to get HPV, causing oral cancer, HSV Herpes, HBV and there are unknown STD’s because new viruses are emerging all the time.  Even sex professionals will NEVER KISS anyone, never give oral sex without latex between them and the object.

Why would you teach your children that kissing some other person on the mouth is OK?  Today with all the diseases it is very bad and can destroy your grand children’s health.

Yes I am Talking To You

 This is for all those who think they have the correct position on life.
You have no idea what is going on, but you think you do. That is  a common theme for modern people. When people believe in things that have no basis in physical evidence, that is a psychological phenomenon called delusional.  When you have a mass of people who believe in the same delusion it is called mass hysteria.  All of the people who believe in Evolution or any modern deflection from the Truth,  that life came from one cell and humans evolved without any intelligent design are insane.

What they do is what you do.. Avoid any evidence or anything outside the cult of delusion you belong to.   When it comes from academia and they promote your particular compulsion, desire, lust, greed or what controls you the most you have more difficulty getting free, because so many are delusional and forced to believe in order to get a job, or whatever they fear will happen if they don’t conform.

There is a difference between knowing that you are conforming and not knowing.  The difference is those who actually seek the Truth over all else and are “worshipers” of the Truth.  Unfortunately with the modern diseased and weak minded humans we have very few people who want to seek to find the truth.  They would rather conform and be “acceptable” to all those going into a pit of nothingness.
Blind Leading Blind
Blind Leading the Blind into a pit of death. This is more relevant today than ever.
I guess evolution is the religion of modern degraded who do not have the ability to look around, but only have “bumper strip” mentality.  If you can’t fit it on a bumper strip, then you don’t have an attention span long enough to study evidence and figure it out for yourself.

You must conform and be “acceptable” which is a major tool of Hitler, Stalin, The USA, Germany, etc. All of them have ways to make you conform (for your own “good” like them).   So, this phenomenon is also called the “lemming syndrome”.  You would walk off a cliff to your death if you were told to and many others had already jumped and died, so it must be the thing to do.

Billions have already done that ride off the cliff into nothingness.
If you are not seeking the Truth of the matter, then you are easy to dupe into any modern indoctrination and will become part of the problem.

And you use other idiots in your life and on you tube or face book or what ever,  to reinforce your disease that you all share.

It is an interesting phenomenon to watch and learn just how confused and screwed up lemmings are.  This is not new, and has been the basis of society for thousands of years.  You will notice that all those “empires”  and “kingdoms” from before are now weak and stupid as soon as they follow the same path to cultural destruction.  And the modern ones are so weak and fearful they let other countries take them over in the name of “being a good citizen”.

How do people get this stupid?
Here is one guys lecture on this type of phenomenon. He was an ex KGB operative who defected from India to the USA.

What is “random” in science???


When I took many science classes years ago, “random” was not any basis of any form of scientific knowledge nor allowed in any experiments.    Now the PC police put this religious pagan belief and all it does is diminish any real knowledge of scientific principles.  Perhaps, it is good because it stops humans from advancing science used to kill each other with.

  • “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”  Albert Einstein

The reason for this is:  “random” destroys the basic foundation of the scientific method and faith in the archetypal principles put here by God.  The idea that “random” is not predictable is anti science and leads people to stop the inquiry to find out what is actually happening in any phenomenon.

When someone has no clue what the phenomenon is in any event they pull the “random” card out of their asses and pretend to be authorities on “science” because they have a “PhD” and tenure at some plutocrat/government controlled institution.   They teach this because it allows a degraded nonsensical  “religious ideology” to be taught in schools and to use ridiculous “religious slogans”,er,,aaah,,,  I mean “scientific axioms” to indoctrinate people against the Truth found in science.

  • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.” Albert Einstein

Consider that in the last 100 years humans have degraded more physically and mentally, than in the last 2000 years. We know this by the DNA studies on ancient humans and how much more intelligent they were.  How much more brain function shown in their DNA.

When someone tells you that “random” is a factor in science, they are basically very ignorant or just plain low intelligence (which is the prerequisite to teach at the university today)  to accept such absurdity.  You have to have completely lost all objective reasoning power or you have caved into emotional controls over your life.  to allow idiotic ideology to be in your brain.   When someone tells me; “It is random, because I say so.”  I usually tell them they are an idiot, because they just proved it by that statement.  It is self evidence and obvious because the universe is not random, it operates on rock solid scientific laws.  If you don’t like those laws or have a political agenda then teach religious crap to confuse and demoralize your students.  The same way you have been demoralized by your education.

You cannot have any scientific understandings using “random” as even a word in science.  Random implies chaos.  There is no chaos in the universe.  The universe operates on specific scientific laws and only on archetypal scientific laws.  Science is the study of those preexisting laws put here by Supreme Intelligence.

  • “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals Himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”  Albert Einstein

The problem with this sort of idiocy, is that young people are forced to believe it by “authorities” and their “kind and loving” teachers.

This is exactly how those “kind and loving” teachers got their indoctrination into this HEMG.   Thus, they do the same thing to their students as was done to them.


  • “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”

There is only CAUSE and RESULT found in any scientific study.  If there is no cause and result then it cannot be called science.


Videos on Learning How To Learn.


Answers to questions on Evolution from

 Because you are so ill educated I have decided to help you with this and make an article on the blog about this. You are helping me to help others and yourself to get free from HEMG:

DrKillFeeDZ questions:
“1. “Genome Degredation” would imply that we humans, at the very beginning, were a perfect being capable of living forever, impervious to sickness, and incapable of injury… Essentially God-like.. If you will.  A conclusion one could draw from this is that how did these first humans die in the first place?  Technically they should still be alive today.  With such perfection, we would’ve already united classical physics and quantum mechanics into a perfect universal theory, been able to time travel, travel faster than the speed of light, enter black holes unharmed, etc.  Even the idea of evolution would be non-existent because our perfect ancestors would be able to describe the “degradation” of genomes to us.”
1 Answer: The ancients did describe the nature of our degradation.  It is found in many scriptures.  It is called “inherited sin”. “sinful actions causing suffering”   Our ancestors were screwed up, in similar ways to us, and some people, like me, recognized it and described it according to what people could understand.  If you violate the rules for health, you “sinned” and gave your children more genetic defects.   Sin is the violation of health laws to protect the babies.  The wages of “sin” is death; Literally and scientifically clear.

Now even the CDC is using Bible rules to try to help people from the HYPER PANDEMIC we have of STD’s in this country, the USA.  1 in 2.5 people ages 14 to 45 have an STD. STD’s cause fetal mutations from infections at conception.  This is the “sin” described as “unclean” and needing to be separated from the tribe to preserve life and health.  Remember in ancient times we did not need medical aid to survive and prosper. All we needed to do was to maintain clean reproduction , and obviously that is impossible for humans. It is no longer possible for modern humans to produce any healthy babies any more. We are so lost in “sin” and “sinful actions” causing diseases that there is no hope that humans can ever recover from this condition of degradation.

It wasn’t until we were so degraded that the medical industry got its start.

“The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to *abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner*. However, many infected persons may be unaware of their infections because STDs are often asymptomatic or unrecognized.” CDC

Now we have so much sin that 1 in 42 baby boys are born with autism. 
We have lost 44.4% of our once coding genes from “sin”.
We now have some 17000 genetic diseases, “inherited sin”.
One in 10 babies born with serous genetic diseases requiring life long treatments. “Inherited sin passed to babies”
1 in 3 Americans are pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a genetic disease proven by over 40,000 studies on this.  (Inherited sin from our ancestors).

Cancer is now the number one disease killer of children ages 0 to 15. the second most common cause is genetic deformity, and the third is congenital heart disease.  (All caused by sin, “unclean” diseased reproduction causing diseased “mutated” people.)
This is just the tip of the “iceburg” on how bad off modern humans are.

 All the data we have in the real world of physical evidence ONLY shows genetic degradation leading to eventual extinction.  When we stared out there was no need for technology, but there is evidence of extreme technology that no one has been able to figure out some 14,500 years ago in South America.  There is no evolution ever found in real physical evidence.

  You think that degraded and extinct “hominids” decided to come back to life in order to “evolve” into humans. That is insane, beyond any possibility if redeeming a human who believes in garbage like that.   If all we see in modern apes is degradation and they are all on the verge of extinction then that is what they do. They don’t “evolve”.

 We have no science to tell us exactly what the first humans were like. That is an unknown.  We do know we have lost nearly 44% of our once coding genes that are now dead or seen as atavism.   At one time we could see in tetra chromatic vision and had fantastic night vision.  We could smell water 50 miles away and recognize prey from a distance by smell.  We have remnants of that in our genome.  
Here is all the data we have no human evolution, there is nothing else we can call evidence:

The fact that NOT EVEN ONE beneficial mutation has been found in living humans, nor in recent DNA testing of ancient genomes shows even the possibility of “Evolution”. Without a molecular basis for your pseudoscience, it is a brain dead pile of religious mumbo-jumbo based on faith.


  1. Simply, the idea of Darwinism (the root of evolution) is completely logical.  There are no flaws in the theory.  Why the fuck would it make sense that an imperfect being would outlast a perfect being?
    2 Answer: There is no physical evidence of any form of “improvements” to any species living today or in the past.  We have 90% of the now living non bird vertebrates as fossils and the oldest fossils are far more fit and far more complex than the modern version.  Only a moron who believes in magical nonsense “sees” evolution in real evidence. 
    The ancient horse “Hyracotherium” had multiple bones in its legs and more and better teeth. It takes working genes to product bones and joints. When the atrophy or go away it is a GENETIC loss. The ancient wolf was far more fit to survive in the wild that even modern wolves are and dogs have so many genetic defects that breeders teach them to the buyers so they know what to expect.

    The ancient Saber Toothed Tiger has degenerated into the Leopard according to paleontologists. The Leopard is nearly extinct right now.

    The ancient opossum over 100 million years old is now reduced to a rat like creature that lives only 3 years. It has lost many genetic features on this path. And in 100 million years it did not evolve into a new genus.

    Ancient rabbits were fare more fit and it is easy to see.

    Ancient rats are said to be this creature. 

    This is one of the far more fit “rodentia” ancestors. Does it look like a weak and degraded modern rat?


    This along with the fact that not one single PHD of biology, genetics, nor any form of this religion has been able to show me one beneficial mutation that can be verified. They believe they must have happened by faith only.

    Our closets genetic cousins are going extinct. They are just farther on the path of “evolution” to extinction. You see there is no evolution ever found in any evidence.

  2. Darwin’s Evolution in a nut shell.


  1. How would you explain the evolution of diseases?  Why is HIV/AIDS “incurable”?  BECAUSE THE VIRUS ADAPTS TO OUR METHODS OF KILLING IT.  The strains that we CAN kill, die off.  But those that survived, reproduced, which leaves nothing but advanced strains of HIV that are impervious to our previous methods of killing it, and it is now running rampant because we are unable to stop it.


3 ANSWER: First of all you do not understand the nature of viral infections. You sound like you think it is like bug killing. Viral infections live in host cells and often our immune system can only hold them in a condition of dormant until the immune system becomes weak with old age and the virus is released. The ones we can actually kill are older strains.


And We don’t kill any virus inside a human body. There are NO treatments to stop a viral infection PERIOD. There is only the human immune system (or animal immune system) to stop them. We have some forms of antiviral drugs, but they really don’t cure anything. And they have horrible side effects as most modern drugs.



HIV is a virus whose host cell is the immune system cells. That is why it is so ugly. Your body is not going to attack its own immune system and destroy it, because that would kill you. It cannot recognize these cells as “self vs not self” because they are “self”.

The HIV enters into the immune protein of the CCR5 (chemokine receptors ) area of our body. It uses this immune protein as the entry point into the immune system and reverse transcripts the immune cell into screwed up cells that no longer work to ward off diseases. This is why it is so hideous as a disease.


Here is a video showing how this works. Also all of the reverse transcript we found in our DNA is an infection from the past that has destroyed healthy DNA. ERV’s are the history of our genetic “sin”.


Other types of infections we get are caused by not following health rules about what to eat. Eating meat and certain types of meat is bad for humans because of the fact that human DNA matches some animal DNA and a virus that was benign in humans transferred into a pig for instance, will mutate and can come back and kill millions of people. This is why the Bible said that God told the Jews not to eat Pigs. It is not “kosher” or safe to eat.

After 50,000,000 people died of the swine flue in the early part of the 20th century, that certainly proved God to be correct. After all God made humans and virus and knows what is needed for health. What to eat and what not to eat and how to live for health.


  1. An analogy of your misconception would be to say that our universe started as an infinitely large space and is in the process of collapsing into a singularity (the exact opposite of the big bang).  Obviously this isn’t true.  This would basically describe time as moving backwards.


4 Answer: You are so ill educated by this system of stupid humans groping in the dark and believing in their own lies that I don’t think you stand a chance at a new life in the new earth promised by God. Because you are described in the Bible as being the opposite of what God wants living in the new kingdom on earth.

You use this idiotic religion to feed your own weaknesses and need to sin that is built into your degraded body. You cannot overcome your animal compulsions, hate, fear, and diseased thinking.

There is only evidence of a Creator who set this in motion and humans disobeying the law of life. That is why humans suffer so much. Why women having babies today are in such fear of having a diseased child, suffering with the diseases and death of a child is very common today.

Those who promote this diseased thinking that humans are OK or have evolved are the problem with humanity. So basically, your thinking is THE problem with humanity and why we are going so rapidly extinct.


  1.  How IN THE FUCK would you explain the last 200 years of technology progression?  Wouldn’t we have STARTED OUT with time machines and teleportation devices?  Not seeking to create them?  There was no such thing as a fucking airplane 200 years ago, and now we have aircraft that can travel over 3,000 km/h.  Time progression, technology progression, intelligence progression.


5 Answer: Do you even understand what technology is? The technology that humans have is so primitive and simple that you cannot call it advanced. I live and breath in the world of technology and I can tell you it is really simple shit. It is just some simple stuff piled on top of other simple stuff. And since the 1950’s we have not had any “new technology” just more of the same, a bit faster, a bit more piles of simple stuff put in smaller boxes. A little better metallurgy. Larger Nuclear bombs to kill people with.


And technology has not had any good effect on the human body. We are rapidly degrading because of technology and most of technology is about killing people as fast as possible with modern weapons. War and killing is the main cause of technology. That is proof that technology is basically bad in the hands of humans.


As Albert Einstein said: “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”


The technology of your DNA is far more complex than any human technology. That was designed and made by God. And you think humans are intelligent? Humans are more stupid now than ever. As Dr. Gerald Crabtree, renowned professor of genetics at Stanford University in CA, humans are losing intelligence. PERIOD. This comes from his research into ancient DNA comparisons. He is a master of genetic studies with dozens of peer papers published.


The medical industry is self evident that it only supports further diseases and suffering as being normal. Curing diseases or stopping the cause of disease is counter productive to the huge masses of money made by the medical industry. The medical industry never thinks in terms of reversing this rapid rise in genetic diseases. It is only about money and more money.


The rapid rise of the medical industry is more absolute evidence of human genetic degradation.


6. “Science has never cured any diseases at all.”  Well, then what the fuck happened to small pox?  Genetic diseases on the other hand are literally incurable and unstoppable, because they’re caused by unpredictable mutations in our genes, and can be recessive genes that are passed down without a hint of illness.  You would probably have to kill around 98% of the entire population to get rid of all potentially harmful genomes. 


ANSWER: Can you name even one disease that has been cured, no longer afflicts humans? And you do know that doctors have created new diseases using antibiotics. WE have strains of MRSA and Gonorrhea that are resistant to antibiotics. The medical industry is stating that we are at the end of the “antibiotic era” and they have nothing else to use after that.


According to Jehovah God’s scriptures, what is going to happen is this. All those destroying life on earth will be destroyed at “Armageddon” the final war that destroys all evil (those who support suffering and death as “good”) on the earth. The earth will be cleaned and remade new and only those who surrender to God’s will, joyfully without exception will be allowed to live on a new paradise earth. All of the genomes will be restored to health by the Creator over a period of time. All those in the tombs will be brought back to a time of judgment or a time of freedom based on the condition of their minds and bodies. Those who insist on death, get death. Those who love life and want to live under God’s rules will get long healthy lives.


You can choose life or death. God is not going to allow humans to rule any longer because we have proven beyond all shadow of doubts to be incapable of being set free on the earth.




If my evidence is still insufficient of curing your ignorance, let me know.  I will gladly provide more.”


Answer: You have only shown your ignorance and have absolutely no understanding of genetics nor biology nor any science. Anybody who thinks that technology as humans use it has been a good thing for humans is crazy. And I make my living using technology to help people with diseases.


Evolution Truth Now is the Time to Let Go.

It is not about some half baked theory that others have imposed on you.

It is about how to find the Absolute Truth when you have the absolutely irrefutable evidence easily available to you. The Internet has all you need to get free.

The absolutely irrefutable physical evidence is always around you. If you don’t have it, then you don’t have a science. The idea of creatures going from simple to complex has no absolute evidence, and the recently discovered absolute evidence has been rejected by the egos in charge of science. They avoid it like the plague, because when you see how clear it is, it destroys their lives, lives based on teaching this nonsense and believing in it as any religious person does.

You don’t need a theory, you need the Truth.

When you think you are in the correct ideology because you left another ideology behind. I wrote this to answer questions on a fellow who dropped on religion because he took on another:

1/ Most people are ruled by other people. They’re tribal by nature and want to belong, to groups.  So they get into other forms of indoctrination easily, and don’t realize that too is an ideology disguised as something other than the ideology you just got free from.  As soon as you profess your allegiance to any man made ideology, you make a mistake and get your ego and relationships with others based on that ideology, thinking it was the right thing to do at the time.

(One should never join any group without full understanding of all the absolute evidence they have for their position FIRST.)

2/ It is like the drunk who has to get away from all his drunk buddies in order to stay sober; No difference. If you write a book or profess it in public, then you really mess up your life and now what do you do? Well all too often people realize they screwed up way late, and have money, livelihood and reputation on the line with this ideology so they die supporting delusions or the confess on their death bed. It is far better to stay away from all HEMG imposed on you and seek only truth.

Teachers of earth is flat would never admit they were wrong. Teachers of evolution will not admit this either and the will group together and form a defense against it. This is exactly what happened with the earth is flat people.

People who teach crap ideologies to children are the most screwed up, because they now have to admit what they have done to these children in order to get free. That is not likely. This is why it is common that they normally die with the delusions fully in control.

3/ So, often the people with the ideology are in positions of authority made by man made icons. religion, philosophy  science, etc as my videos explain. These authorities are often delusional (It’s normal to have delusions) people who are just repeating what was brainwashed into their minds and they do it exactly the same way to you that they were brainwashed. They totally believe they are on the correct side of ethics and are the “good” people in any controversy. That is how screwed up humans can get.

4/ In science this idea of peer review, is really just social pressure to conform to the accepted ideological beliefs of the time. Especially in science that is based on inference, implications, beliefs where the ideology comes first and it is superimposed on anything they see or any evidence. Belief destroys credibility for a scientist: scientific suicide. Unless you have absolutely irrefutable physical evidence that is recognized by all people, you can’t make any conclusions.

5/ The word conclusion means that your statements are final on the subject and cannot be refuted by anyone. Conclusion means final. Suppositions are not conclusions. inferences are not. In real science we seek only to find the truth in the matter. The truth in the matter requires absolute evidence that cannot be denied by a rational person who is not controlled by ideology. Once you have THAT evidence then every premise, every piece of evidence only points to that conclusion.

6/ So you test the conclusion by testing against all the evidence we have on the subject. After you test it with at least 1000 pieces of data and they all concur you are on the right path. After you test every known idea of this science against this conclusion then it is over, that is the law that governs this part of science. It becomes the law and is how real science is done.

7/ When politically driven ideologies rule there is no real truth in them. They are there because the politicians of the time want that for the control they need to stay in power. It is just how humans operate. Sad but true. The institutions are all about politics and the lowest common denominator  money and power. They don’t really give a hoot about the truth or anything. Just money, power, prestige, and feed the ego.

8/ When you as an individual realize this, you are part way on your path to emotional, mental freedom. It is hard to let go of ideas that you may base part of your life on, but that is what is required to grow into the truth.

What about the MHC mutations in the immune system are they not “beneficial” and add complexity?

Posted by a “teacher” of evolution:

Any form of mutations caused by the programming of the immune system to create defenses against pathogens is not evolution. For two reasons, 1/ It is designed to do this to keep us alive.  2/ As time goes on and pathogens change these go away and fade out.  3/ It ads no improvements or complexity to the species.

4/ It is impossible for an immune system to evolve, when all the pathogens that digest human cells existed long before the first cell.
5/ The fact that the immune system recognizes that there are pathogens and incorrect cancer cells, that need to be destroyed shows intelligence of recognition of how the world works, in the design of the immune system.  The sun radiation constantly creates and has created cancer cells from the beginning. How did the immune system realize that it needed to remove those cells as incorrectly coded?

The immune system not part of any form of evolution, but clearly shows exceptionally complex design.

What we find is the immune system is degrading rapidly and so are the cells of the human creature.
There are three basic events taking place that show ONLY genetic degradation..

1/ The cells are not recognizable as “self” because they are incorrectly coded to the original master design.  This is why we have autoimmune diseases.  These cells are not recognizable as the original design, so the immune system tries to destroy them as it was designed to.  Any foreign cells must be destroyed and so what we call “normal cells” are actually incorrectly coded and are attacked by the immune system which is “just doing its job”.  The immune system is there to protect us from incorrectly coded and “manufactured” cells, so our screwed up cells are attacked.

2/ The immune programming has been screwed up from mutations and so it can be weak and allow bad cells (cancer) to grow, or can be overly active and simply out of control and attacks even correctly coded cells.  In heart disease this autoimmune diseases attacks the lining of the arteries and etches them where the lipids then attach and harden. After attaching over this etched surface they attract more lipids to themselves and so it keeps building up.  Oil attracts oils.

3/The immune system cannot tell “self” from “not self” much any more and why we have so many people with cancer.   The immune system not destroying cancer cells, because it is so weak and has defective programming from mutations, in so many people that it allows cancer cells to grow uninhibited.

This is how a correctly coded immune system responds to cancer cells.  From electron microscopy in 1988 sources in this short video.

The most commonly believed “mutations” that magically cause evolution are said to be duplications.  However, doing a detailed study on all the modern duplication mutations even as little as two base pairs duplicated are found only to be parts of serious genetic diseases.

These intellectual cripples think that our brains evolved from primates when the primates are just degraded, degrading now and going extinct and have missing “deletions” and screwed up DNA.  This is why they are all going extinct.  There is only degradation leading to extinction.

To have a person who says he is “working on a cancer cure” and that person tells me that there is evolution is like a dog that is eating a rabbit say; “there are no rabbits”.  You make your living off human genetic degradation. Yet you believe in magical nonsense.  All MD’s, nurses, and the entire medical industry makes a living off human genetic degradation, and yet they cannot understand or see the obvious “elephant” in the room.

There would be no need for your services if humans were healthy as they once were.

The list of Evolution’s “beneficial” mutations.

This is just a short list deleterious  mutations, that no matter how far you  stretch reality, are very bad for humans from medical studies:

Evodelusionism Believer: “- Resistance to HIV virus infection in humans due to mutation of CCR5-delta32.
– Resistance to West Nile virus infection in humans due to mutation (involving CCR5).”

The CCR5 Delta 32 deletion actually is very bad for West Nile since we have recorded deaths in younger people who have this polymorphism that reduced their immune system.  The lack of immune proteins can never be a good thing.

Here is a complete list of the diseases associated with the CCR5 Delta 32 DELETION. (By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.)

By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.

In this clear article over 12 genetic diseases from DNA studies on actual humans show the effects of this deleterious mutation all accredited sources from medical studies.

“- Resistance to atherosclerosis due to gene mutation.”

This is the ApoA-1 Milano (also ETC-216, now MDCO-216) is a naturally occurring mutated variant of the apolipoprotein A1 protein found in human HDL which  actually seems to be good but has not had enough studies on it to:

1/determine the diseases associated with it.

2/ It apparently has some effect on breeding because it is going extinct (maybe it causes sexual/reproductive dysfunction in some way.)   The Evotard fairy of positive selection must have died millions of years ago, because it is not being selected.
“- Mutation of sickle cell anemia that provides a resistance to malaria”

Sickle cell is a disease so it is automatically removed as a beneficial mutation.  And in African Americans it is reduced from 1 in 35 to 1 in 500 or 650 estimated.   Inbreeding with the healthy gene causes it to fade away, because it is BAD.   A “magical beneficial mutation” cannot be part of any disease. 

“- Mutation that causes myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy (enhanced strength)”

This mutation is the famous German child born with this polymorphism, which is also called a “condition”.  (There have been others.)  It normally is caused by a “DELETION” of base pairs in the myostatin regulation for muscle growth.  A Deletion never adds anything to anyone, because it removes information needed for proper health.

By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.

His doctors doubt that it is a good mutation because his heart muscles are overdeveloped and have to much muscle mass, limiting his activities and  will cause this child to be adverse to living life, very limited and will shorten his life..  This mutation is found in cattle in Belgium in which lean meat is made but these steers and bulls are extremely limited and obviously have very short lives. 

The only thing this guy can do is to become a body builder, but his muscles would look like a freak and if his skeleton is not strong enough then severe back and joint problems occur.

You see…When the body is made according to the original design all the parts are in balance.  We had better muscles and bones in the past that were far more balanced and we were MUCH stronger in all ways, bones, brain, muscles, lungs, hair, teeth, eyes and all of it.
“- Mutation that causes tricho-dento-osseous syndrome (extra dense bones)”

The LPR5 mutation in the regulatory genes of calcium in the body when it is out of balance cases heart diseases.  Heart valves are literally made with too much calcium and have to be surgically repaired.  It shortens life and causes a disease.   The muscles tend to be stiff and not very flexible in these people.  According to medical doctors the regulation of calcium in the body is a very delicate balance and this mutation causes too much calcium in the entire body.

“But many more beneficial mutations are known. Microevolution is accepted even among most modern Creationists. Microevolution is a description of genetic changes within a species due to genetic mutation. Anyone who thinks mutation can’t be beneficial is therefore less informed than a Creationist, which is impressive.”

{This is your typical academically “educated” fool.  Who falls for the oldest trick in the “empires book of indoctrination”. }

I asked for “beneficial mutations” and you gave me diseases that you believe are showing some form of evolution. Deletions of important genetic information is not going to work in your favor, because they remove complexity.  You must show evolution on the molecular level by citing any evidence of INCREASED COMPLEXITY with IMPROVED HEALTH.  So far you have shown the same nonsense as all ignorant and unthinking Evotards; grasping at fantasy. 
“Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is another well known example, but it’s so well known and understood in modern medicine that it hardly even need be mentioned.”

{Listen to the arrogance of this fool.  Bacteria has NEVER evolved. and it has only shown the same thing in every long term study. It degrades the farther away from the environment it was intended.}

Bacteria that has resistance to antibiotics is actually a reduction in fitness.  The MRSA has difficulty digesting foods. The ability to absorb foods is limited and this also causes the limits on absorbing the poisons from the antibiotics. Every microbiologist knows this.

Before you spout off nonsense, you  might want to actually do the research. All of these articles are easy to Google and read.   I am sorry that you are so poorly educated, but the education system and academic “science” (if you can call it science) is greatly harmed by political garbage of liberal socialism, anti God. 

The odd thing is that actual studies of modern humans and their degraded brain functions is clear in Evotards.    Anyone who believes in magical crap is retarded.  All the physical evidence we have on this subject ONLY shows genetic degradation leading to extinction.

It is this sort of thinking of magical “mutations” are going to fix human problems that is part of the problem.  There have never been found even ONE beneficial mutation because it is against science and natural law.

According to his research, published in two parts starting with last year’s ‘Our fragile intellect. Part I,’ Dr. Crabtree thinks unavoidable changes in the genetic make-up coupled with modern technological advances has left humans, well, kind of stupid. He has recently published his follow-up analysis, and in it explains that of the roughly 5,000 genes he considered the basis for human intelligence, a number of mutations over the years has forced modern man to be only a portion as bright as his ancestors.

“New developments in genetics, anthropology and neurobiology predict that a very large number of genes underlie our intellectual and emotional abilities, making these abilities genetically surprisingly fragile,” he writes in part one of his research. “Analysis of human mutation rates and the number of genes required for human intellectual and emotional fitness indicates that we are almost certainly losing these abilities,” he adds in his latest report.

From there, the doctor goes on to explain that general mutations over the last few thousand years have left mankind increasingly unable to cope with certain situations that perhaps our ancestors would be more adapted to.

“I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000–6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

According to the doctor, humans were at their most intelligent when “every individual was exposed to nature’s raw selective mechanisms on a daily basis.” Under those conditions, adaption, he argued, was much more of a matter than fight or flight. Rather, says the scientists, it was a sink or swim situation for generations upon generations.

“We, as a species, are surprisingly intellectually fragile and perhaps reached a peak 2,000 to 6,000 years ago,” he writes. “If selection is only slightly relaxed, one would still conclude that nearly all of us are compromised compared to our ancient ancestors of 3,000 to 6,000 years ago.”