Religion Is Not God and Most are Against God’s Teaching.

 It turns out that I don’t have a religion.  God = Truth.
God does not = religion.   Most religions are pathetic and are liars, because what they teach has nothing in common with the Truth contained in ancient scriptures.

As Gandhi Said:  “I love your Christ.  I just don’t like Christians.” 

This is because the original Church was nothing more than the state owned indoctrination system for the emperor or the kings of old.   The king or emperor was considered to be ordained by God and you better “rape pillage and murder” if “god” tells you.  The British have a lot of blood guilt and try to hide there past in “hate for religion” so they created a new state owned religion called “Evodelusionism”.

And the biggest thing wrong with the “King James Version” is the “King” part.  The original scrolls don’t read like that.  The best version of the Bible I have ever seen is this one.  

The latest thing is to blame religion for all the evil in the world.  And they are sort of right.  Because the foundation of most religions is in pagan nonsense that Jehovah God never “endorsed”.

It turns out that this religion is far worse than any prior religion because it has no morals at all and the UK has the worst historical rise of genetic disease and deformity now.   1000% rise in cancer in 100 years. 

I have traveled as far away as India in search of the Truth. What I found was the same Truth there as in the Bible.


In the Bible God talks about the end of this system of things and a new system of peace love an understanding to come for those who align with God’s teaching.  

In Indian traditions: The world of life on earth will be destroyed at the end of the “Kali Yuga”. Where we are now. 

The Kali Yuga is the worst of human degradation with hate, war, disease, and short lives and  huge levels of suffering.  Suffering and short lives are the essence of the current yuga.  It is stated that in this yuga human life will be under 25 years, and it is.  If you remove all artificial life support we would not live past 25 years with mass hyper pandemic death of children from diseases. 

According to medical doctors I have chatted with, 25 is very optimistic, since we lived to 35 in the 1600’s with no medical nor vaccines. Now we are so degraded that in spite of medical treatments we continue to degrade very rapidly:

Cancer in the USA has risen by 700% in 114 years.  In the UK over 1000%.
1 in 10 children are born with serious “rare” genetic diseases that require lifelong treatment in order to live.  Some have to undergo 20 or more surgeries to cut out and repair the degradation.
1 in 3 people will die from cancer between the age of 15  and before the age of 64 (CDC report 2007).
Women in the USA are dying younger now and have more heart disease. 
According to the CDC and American Diabetes Association 1 in 3 people are pre-diabetes.  1 in 12 are being treated for diabetes now and it has risen by 366% in 29 years. By 2050 1 in 3 according to CDC will have diabetes at the present rate of rise.  (However, my calculations show that other diseases will overpower this one so that people will die younger and younger as we continue to degrade from fetal mutations at conception from STD’s attacking our germ line cells at reproduction.)

We have approximately 120 MILLION cases of STD’s in a country of less than 320 Millon people.  Most STD’s are in young women.  A woman with any STD is a fetal mutant producer.  You see infections at conception destroy the human genome one infection at a time.  The “host” cell DNA is changed forever as the virus disrupts the DNA and reverse transcriptase into the first cell of the zygote.  This is where the rise in cancer and all human suffering in babies comes from ultimately.  (We inherited the sins of our ancestors who did the same thing that we are doing to our children.)

The main cause of children dying is genetic defects.  It is not caused by some magical cause.  Humans constantly have cancer cells, a healthy person (If you could find one.) would destroy those cells by their immune system.  But since we are degrading so fast our immune system cannot deal with cancer cells. 

Only a stupid person who cannot look around doesn’t know this.  If you government keeps this data from you in the schools is for a reason.  If they can keep the gravy train going, there is a huge pile of money to be made off human suffering.

Every year the USA spends over $9,000,000 Per person on medical gross revenue.  It is the most lucrative of all businesses.  The total gross exceeds all other types of businesses and it is expected to be the number one “Job” in the USA if we can find people who are not sick or retarded to work there. 

At the present rate of mental retardation, in less than 100 years there will be no one to do surgery, pass any medical exams, nor be able to treat any diseases. 

The record of mental degradation goes hand in hand with the physical rise of genetic diseases.  30% of children in USA schools are treated with drugs for ADD/ADHD or for autism.  
40% of USA, high school senior students cannot read nor write in English and cannot do check book math, right now.  (The poor quality school system is parly to blame. The rest is simple retardation.) The other 60% have an average IQ under 90.   It is extremely rare to find any intelligence on this planet, and those with intelligence do not believe in magical Evolution.

If Evolution was not easy to brainwash and was not profitable it would never be taught in any school.  Only brainwashing that feeds the system of disease and death is allowed because it is profitible and no sexually compulsive retard wants to realize that the Bible was correct.

Humans are so diseased now that you cannot kiss on the mouth and not risk getting an STD.

However, the CDC states clearly Bible principles for reproductive health because of the utter failure of the “condom” program.

According to the CDC “safe sex” is only between monogamous couples, tested clean of diseases,  who do not cheat and don’t kiss anyone else on the mouth.  There is only one way to protect the children of the future from the devastation we see already in genetically caused diseases from fetal mutations at conception. 

This is the ONLY SAFE SEX.

“Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission. To achieve the maximum protective effect, condoms must be used both consistently and correctly. Inconsistent use can lead to STD acquisition because transmission can occur with a single act of intercourse with an infected partner. Similarly, if condoms are not used correctly, the protective effect may be diminished even when they are used consistently. *The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner*. However, many infected persons may be unaware of their infections because STDs are often asymptomatic or unrecognized.”

This article was posted because of the ineffectiveness of condoms, even all the free condoms, because people are ignorant and seem to be compulsive about not understanding the nature of these pathogens.

The diseases that can be transmitted by just skin contact are several viral infections and many bacterial infections.  Kissing is a perfect way to get HPV, causing oral cancer, HSV Herpes, HBV and there are unknown STD’s because new viruses are emerging all the time.  Even sex professionals will NEVER KISS anyone, never give oral sex without latex between them and the object.

Why would you teach your children that kissing some other person on the mouth is OK?  Today with all the diseases it is very bad and can destroy your grand children’s health.