How to Learn Real Science

When you limit the information you learn from, you limit the ability to see the whole picture.
A real scientist will read all knowledge from all fields, that mankind has to offer before making any conclusions on any part of it. If you are too lazy to do that , then you are not a real scientist. One thing is for sure ……: You have no standards for Truth. Or you don’t care about the Truth and are satisfied with nonsense beliefs.
If you limit the places where you are “allowed” to absorb knowledge because some cultural icon tells you it is not good for you, then you are indoctrinated and have a very limited amount of human knowledge from which to make your decisions and conclusions for you own life and for the benefit of those around you.
If you understand the nature of indoctrination:
1/ Control the understanding of definiteness, definitions and what is called “science”. That means that if you control ideas, then you can indoctrinate.  The idea of not needing absolutely irrefutable evidence in order to “accept” a “scientific” concept is utter fraud, and used to indoctrinate.
2/ Your indoctrination consists of a mix of more truth in the beginning (Your mother’s eyes are blue and your father’s eyes are blue then..>Having nothing to do with evolution.), then add your garbage beliefs, gradually, until the student is fully indoctrinated. By the end of this, the student will believe anything your trained indoctrination teachers tell them. Never tell the students where you are taking them until you are assured they are fully ready for the final premise of delusional garbage as you learned it.
3/ Set up false authority, in human institutions. Give big rewards and put them on TV. This is the icon principle.  People are naturally looking for guidance, so use that against them.  Give status to the people who support any dogma of belief you want to inflict on them.
4/ Use natural human flaws, like ego, pride and status as a means to control them and use them like pawns.  Once they declared their allegiance to this idea of “evolution” or whatever, they are “baptized fully”. Now the ego will not let them look beyond the fantasy belief.
5/ Set one faction against the other, and with your indoctrinated flock, you use them to perpetuate your fraud. People like to think there is right and wrong and they always want to be “right”.  There is no right and wrong, there is only delusions of right and wrong.  Then there is the absolute Truth.
Example; This idea of Creationism VS Evolution is not an argument for science.  It is a religious argument of dogma and belief. OBVIOUSLY.
6/ Make up your own dogma of jargon, that only the “ordained” can understand.  Use magical words like “random” and feed that into the definitions so that the indoctrinated think it is real.
As an example, I have read over 200 books on astrology; everything from “Vedic” astrology, Astrocartography, Sideral Astrology, Arabic astrology, and Scientific Astrology, from Germany in which they perform experiments and do studies on each of their hypothesis on any single premise.
Scientific Astrology has promise. But not for the reasons they believe in.
Because of that I know a heck of a lot about astrology and all the ideas of it and what shows themes and what is false.  I KNOW from Direct knowledge of the subject that MOST of it is false, because the Astrologers have no credibility and do not use any form of scientific method to gain conclusions.
  You would not know that unless you have studied it as I have, until then you get your information “second-hand” from people who have never studied it. Or those delusional people who think it gives them power.  This is much like the PhD’s who sell Evolution.
I have also studied, physics, math, chemistry, electronics, paleontology, atomic theory, and quantum theory, genetics, biology and I have been deeply studying this “Theory Of Evolution” lately (2007 to 2014) and very intensely. There is no one, that I know of who has done this.
I developed the idea of Big Bang on my own after reading thousands of books including religious books. I came up with the original concept on it in the shower when I was 16 years old.  Then as physicists from all over the earth did studies I read them.  My version is summarized  here and based on MODERN evidence:
I was involved in Electronics and Electrical Engineering  because it was a real science that produced results that were easy to confirm.  Evolution has never produces a single positive result for biology nor for the medical fields.  It is a worthless religion of retards. Genetics is science and genetics actually shows the direction of life is only towards extinction.
This is the real definition of Evolution: This is where these morons are taking you when you go to school these days.
“Evolution: this idea that by some magical god of Evolution, “information” is added to an already exiting life form and it becomes more advance by this magic.”  That some magical processes that have never been observed, creatures get more complex, have new genetic features “blossom” for no reason, get bigger, get smaller, smarter, stronger and more able to survive when the environment changes.
All of the evidence, and I mean all of it is contrary to this idea. This shows you the power of religious ideas that get into academia and people are paid to perpetuate it.
This is the biggest pile of religious garbage I have ever witnessed, and, NOTHING in evidence supports this.
I have also studied pretty much every religion on this planet.  I have read all the writings of many philosophers and people who were recognized enlightened people.  I have found there are various levels of “enlightenment” and delusions still in control.
I have read the writings of many successful people who have proved success.  I don’t read the writings of people who were failures until they wrote a book on success and rehashed the same stuff that the original successful people taught them, but they never used.
I have been to foreign countries, and gotten rid of a lot of crap beliefs about, boundaries, race, religion, science, and other foolish things that cause people to suffer in ignorance and I have also found that what stops suffering in all cases is knowledge and continually seeking the Truth.  Never believe anyone on anything unless you have ALL the evidence.
When all you have is a tiny library of science books from people who repeat the same HEMG (human emotional mental garbage)  that every other scientist teaches, (and they only rehash the same HEMG), then you will start to realize just how limited and extremely self restricted these people are.
Today we have “science” says this “science” says that, “Scientists prove this”, “Scientists suggest that they have found the answer” and other such nonsense.
If these people knew even half of what I know by NOT LIMITING the sources of information, then they would not seem so ignorant to me.  When people parade ignorance and actually think they are intelligent, while at the same time just repeating the common religious beliefs, it makes me want to vomit to listen to them.  I am sorry if that offends you, but ignorant people who pretend to be intelligent are found in institutions and they teach whatever dogma their government tells them to teach.
If you only get your information from the people who are PAID to indoctrinate you, then you are not a scientist, you are not even an intelligent person.  You are indoctrinated and the people who are teaching you are paid to keep you as ignorant as they are.  They do not want someone to advance science so they lose their jobs.  PERIOD.
They will never allow any concepts that are based on evidence and do not produce the same conclusions they have bought into.  Once you buy into some idea and you profess (professor) to only believe that, then you  have limited your ability to learn anything.  You are what is known as “willfully ignorant”.
I find it ridiculous for a “science professor” to pretend that he is open minded and willing to see where the evidence takes him.  I have NEVER seen one of those.  They would lose their jobs quickly if they actually taught what is found in evidence based science.
All I teach is for people to learn how to learn.
1/ Learn all that you can from all areas of life.  All books and all that people have written on these subjects.  Talk to people and listen to their beliefs, but don’t believe them. You are to research for a long time far away from dogma.  Then and only then make conclusions after at least 20 years of study.
2/ The first rule of science is cause and effect. If someone uses magical reasons like “random” causes you know they are insane. There is no random in the physical reality, only cause and effect exist. Stupid people, pretending to be smart will pull the “random card” when they have no clue what the cause is.
3/ Do NOT believe any of it until it fits with all the evidence and you have looked at the premise with every possible piece of evidence. If you have not done that, you are not  a scientist.  (Your typical Evodelusionism believer goes to school to learn Evodelusionism. They don’t go there to find out Evodelusionism is false.)
4/ Still remain skeptical of your own conclusions.  Keep yourself separated from any emotional reason to believe.  Don’t even trust yourself that your conclusions are 100% correct and keep testing them until you die or they are proven deeply, beyond all possible doubt, to you absolutely.
5/Never take the plunge and declare any allegiance to any idea that humans have, because that is “scientific death”.  Never get a degree in HEMG and pronounce your allegiance to the cause.  Beliefs are scientific intellectual suicide. 
6/ Never tell others you believe in anything that you have doubts about.  Listen to your doubts and tell others to “get lost” until they have something really compelling and has absolutely irrefutable evidence, and all the evidence we do have only points to one conclusion.  Only do this after you have observed and follow exactly the first three steps of this program I am laying out to you.
7/ There are only two things that exist on this planet when it comes to knowledge:
A/ Not proven Human Emotional Mental Garbage (commonly called nonsense or BS) .
B/ The Truth.
8/ Never inflict your beliefs on others as absolute truth, until you have that absolute evidence.  Always say that this is your “concept that you are testing”; if that is the case.
9/ Never believe that “scientists” have the absolute truth and are some form of “gods of the universe”. This is called the “Greek God” syndrome, where half-baked fools with PHD’s have their egos boosted by their position and start believing in their own HEMG (human emotional mental garbage).
Anyone who thinks they have ALL the answers, has no answers but only extremely limited beliefs.
10/ Anyone who tells you that their version of the truth is the only version, is lying.  The Truth is revealed to you as you are willing to withstand it. (The truth about humanity is pretty horrible.)   The truth stands on its own and requires no interpretation. The truth is “self evident” and extremely obvious, but brainwashing into a religious idea will prevent you  from seeing it until you get “un-brainwashed”.  (Yes you are brainwashed, as all people are. This is a law of science.)
11/ Anyone who tells you that you must be “educated” in their system, in order to understand some “science”, is a liar.  You can get an education but never believe any of it until it is proven to you absolutely.  This is the “get an education” HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) that causes ignorance. People are full of HEMG in all walks of life!  Never believe anyone on anything, (including me, the author of this).
12/ Get un-brainwashed by methods that work.  How do you know they work?  If you can understand things better, have a raised IQ from testing; find that your life has drastically improved, PERMANENTLY, not some “religious emotional experience” that makes you feel good. Deep changes to your psyche are required to get free of cultural brainwashing, and you are the only one who can do this and only for yourself, using whatever REALLY works.
13/ Teach others what you have learned only after you have removed all that you know to be false.  To find the truth, remove all that is shown to be just a human belief from your mind.  When you realize that 99.9% of human beliefs are fed by emotions greed, fear, money, pride, ego, and ignorance, that means you get rid of all of them and start over by objectively testing each and every premise. If any part of the premise has holes that are filled in with belief and faith only, then you have to test it over and over and over before making any “commitment” to it.  In other words never commit to anything humans believe as truth, keep going forward until you are completely free of all HEMG.
14/ When you are free of all HEMG, you are able to experience and see the Truth.  “Seek and you shall find. Ask and you will be given.”  As you go on this path of removing HEMG, you will see “your eyes open” to a continual removal of the HEMG. When all the HEMG is gone all that is left is the Truth.
15/ Never overlook a way to learn, because some fool, some institution, some “professor” tells you that you can’t do that or tries to imply you are a fool to study evidence away from their dogma.  As soon as someone tells you that they are the only source of “truth”, you know they are lying.  If they tell you that “these people are very bad” to learn from, then go learn from them. Those are the people you need to check out to see if what they say has any absolutely irrefutable evidence to back it.   This is because many people have found the truth, the same truth ,by many different paths.  Eventually they all say that the path got them there, but they just left it behind after they made the leap into objective awareness of reality. The path is considered to be like a vehicle. Once the vehicle gets you to the destination, get out of the vehicle. You can then teach others by using that vehicle.
In biology, and any science associated with the “Theory of Evolution” they are extremely limited in awareness.  They live in a tiny box of what academia allows them to know.  And they are taught to NEVER go outside the “scientific community” for any information on science.
That is a cult; not a science.  If you are afraid of the truth then you will hide from it.  If the truth will cost you your $150,000 to $200,000 a year professorship then you will not seek the truth, you will perpetuate your beliefs on students and victimize them exactly the same way you were victimized.
The Truth will set you free.