The list of Evolution’s “beneficial” mutations.

This is just a short list deleterious  mutations, that no matter how far you  stretch reality, are very bad for humans from medical studies:

Evodelusionism Believer: “- Resistance to HIV virus infection in humans due to mutation of CCR5-delta32.
– Resistance to West Nile virus infection in humans due to mutation (involving CCR5).”

The CCR5 Delta 32 deletion actually is very bad for West Nile since we have recorded deaths in younger people who have this polymorphism that reduced their immune system.  The lack of immune proteins can never be a good thing.

Here is a complete list of the diseases associated with the CCR5 Delta 32 DELETION. (By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.)

By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.

In this clear article over 12 genetic diseases from DNA studies on actual humans show the effects of this deleterious mutation all accredited sources from medical studies.

“- Resistance to atherosclerosis due to gene mutation.”

This is the ApoA-1 Milano (also ETC-216, now MDCO-216) is a naturally occurring mutated variant of the apolipoprotein A1 protein found in human HDL which  actually seems to be good but has not had enough studies on it to:

1/determine the diseases associated with it.

2/ It apparently has some effect on breeding because it is going extinct (maybe it causes sexual/reproductive dysfunction in some way.)   The Evotard fairy of positive selection must have died millions of years ago, because it is not being selected.
“- Mutation of sickle cell anemia that provides a resistance to malaria”

Sickle cell is a disease so it is automatically removed as a beneficial mutation.  And in African Americans it is reduced from 1 in 35 to 1 in 500 or 650 estimated.   Inbreeding with the healthy gene causes it to fade away, because it is BAD.   A “magical beneficial mutation” cannot be part of any disease. 

“- Mutation that causes myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy (enhanced strength)”

This mutation is the famous German child born with this polymorphism, which is also called a “condition”.  (There have been others.)  It normally is caused by a “DELETION” of base pairs in the myostatin regulation for muscle growth.  A Deletion never adds anything to anyone, because it removes information needed for proper health.

By the way, deletions do not add anything, they reduce fitness.

His doctors doubt that it is a good mutation because his heart muscles are overdeveloped and have to much muscle mass, limiting his activities and  will cause this child to be adverse to living life, very limited and will shorten his life..  This mutation is found in cattle in Belgium in which lean meat is made but these steers and bulls are extremely limited and obviously have very short lives. 

The only thing this guy can do is to become a body builder, but his muscles would look like a freak and if his skeleton is not strong enough then severe back and joint problems occur.

You see…When the body is made according to the original design all the parts are in balance.  We had better muscles and bones in the past that were far more balanced and we were MUCH stronger in all ways, bones, brain, muscles, lungs, hair, teeth, eyes and all of it.
“- Mutation that causes tricho-dento-osseous syndrome (extra dense bones)”

The LPR5 mutation in the regulatory genes of calcium in the body when it is out of balance cases heart diseases.  Heart valves are literally made with too much calcium and have to be surgically repaired.  It shortens life and causes a disease.   The muscles tend to be stiff and not very flexible in these people.  According to medical doctors the regulation of calcium in the body is a very delicate balance and this mutation causes too much calcium in the entire body.

“But many more beneficial mutations are known. Microevolution is accepted even among most modern Creationists. Microevolution is a description of genetic changes within a species due to genetic mutation. Anyone who thinks mutation can’t be beneficial is therefore less informed than a Creationist, which is impressive.”

{This is your typical academically “educated” fool.  Who falls for the oldest trick in the “empires book of indoctrination”. }

I asked for “beneficial mutations” and you gave me diseases that you believe are showing some form of evolution. Deletions of important genetic information is not going to work in your favor, because they remove complexity.  You must show evolution on the molecular level by citing any evidence of INCREASED COMPLEXITY with IMPROVED HEALTH.  So far you have shown the same nonsense as all ignorant and unthinking Evotards; grasping at fantasy. 
“Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is another well known example, but it’s so well known and understood in modern medicine that it hardly even need be mentioned.”

{Listen to the arrogance of this fool.  Bacteria has NEVER evolved. and it has only shown the same thing in every long term study. It degrades the farther away from the environment it was intended.}

Bacteria that has resistance to antibiotics is actually a reduction in fitness.  The MRSA has difficulty digesting foods. The ability to absorb foods is limited and this also causes the limits on absorbing the poisons from the antibiotics. Every microbiologist knows this.

Before you spout off nonsense, you  might want to actually do the research. All of these articles are easy to Google and read.   I am sorry that you are so poorly educated, but the education system and academic “science” (if you can call it science) is greatly harmed by political garbage of liberal socialism, anti God. 

The odd thing is that actual studies of modern humans and their degraded brain functions is clear in Evotards.    Anyone who believes in magical crap is retarded.  All the physical evidence we have on this subject ONLY shows genetic degradation leading to extinction.

It is this sort of thinking of magical “mutations” are going to fix human problems that is part of the problem.  There have never been found even ONE beneficial mutation because it is against science and natural law.

According to his research, published in two parts starting with last year’s ‘Our fragile intellect. Part I,’ Dr. Crabtree thinks unavoidable changes in the genetic make-up coupled with modern technological advances has left humans, well, kind of stupid. He has recently published his follow-up analysis, and in it explains that of the roughly 5,000 genes he considered the basis for human intelligence, a number of mutations over the years has forced modern man to be only a portion as bright as his ancestors.

“New developments in genetics, anthropology and neurobiology predict that a very large number of genes underlie our intellectual and emotional abilities, making these abilities genetically surprisingly fragile,” he writes in part one of his research. “Analysis of human mutation rates and the number of genes required for human intellectual and emotional fitness indicates that we are almost certainly losing these abilities,” he adds in his latest report.

From there, the doctor goes on to explain that general mutations over the last few thousand years have left mankind increasingly unable to cope with certain situations that perhaps our ancestors would be more adapted to.

“I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000–6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

According to the doctor, humans were at their most intelligent when “every individual was exposed to nature’s raw selective mechanisms on a daily basis.” Under those conditions, adaption, he argued, was much more of a matter than fight or flight. Rather, says the scientists, it was a sink or swim situation for generations upon generations.

“We, as a species, are surprisingly intellectually fragile and perhaps reached a peak 2,000 to 6,000 years ago,” he writes. “If selection is only slightly relaxed, one would still conclude that nearly all of us are compromised compared to our ancient ancestors of 3,000 to 6,000 years ago.”


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