What about the MHC mutations in the immune system are they not “beneficial” and add complexity?

Posted by a “teacher” of evolution:

Any form of mutations caused by the programming of the immune system to create defenses against pathogens is not evolution. For two reasons, 1/ It is designed to do this to keep us alive.  2/ As time goes on and pathogens change these go away and fade out.  3/ It ads no improvements or complexity to the species.

4/ It is impossible for an immune system to evolve, when all the pathogens that digest human cells existed long before the first cell.
5/ The fact that the immune system recognizes that there are pathogens and incorrect cancer cells, that need to be destroyed shows intelligence of recognition of how the world works, in the design of the immune system.  The sun radiation constantly creates and has created cancer cells from the beginning. How did the immune system realize that it needed to remove those cells as incorrectly coded?

The immune system not part of any form of evolution, but clearly shows exceptionally complex design.

What we find is the immune system is degrading rapidly and so are the cells of the human creature.
There are three basic events taking place that show ONLY genetic degradation..

1/ The cells are not recognizable as “self” because they are incorrectly coded to the original master design.  This is why we have autoimmune diseases.  These cells are not recognizable as the original design, so the immune system tries to destroy them as it was designed to.  Any foreign cells must be destroyed and so what we call “normal cells” are actually incorrectly coded and are attacked by the immune system which is “just doing its job”.  The immune system is there to protect us from incorrectly coded and “manufactured” cells, so our screwed up cells are attacked.

2/ The immune programming has been screwed up from mutations and so it can be weak and allow bad cells (cancer) to grow, or can be overly active and simply out of control and attacks even correctly coded cells.  In heart disease this autoimmune diseases attacks the lining of the arteries and etches them where the lipids then attach and harden. After attaching over this etched surface they attract more lipids to themselves and so it keeps building up.  Oil attracts oils.

3/The immune system cannot tell “self” from “not self” much any more and why we have so many people with cancer.   The immune system not destroying cancer cells, because it is so weak and has defective programming from mutations, in so many people that it allows cancer cells to grow uninhibited.

This is how a correctly coded immune system responds to cancer cells.  From electron microscopy in 1988 sources in this short video.

The most commonly believed “mutations” that magically cause evolution are said to be duplications.  However, doing a detailed study on all the modern duplication mutations even as little as two base pairs duplicated are found only to be parts of serious genetic diseases.

These intellectual cripples think that our brains evolved from primates when the primates are just degraded, degrading now and going extinct and have missing “deletions” and screwed up DNA.  This is why they are all going extinct.  There is only degradation leading to extinction.

To have a person who says he is “working on a cancer cure” and that person tells me that there is evolution is like a dog that is eating a rabbit say; “there are no rabbits”.  You make your living off human genetic degradation. Yet you believe in magical nonsense.  All MD’s, nurses, and the entire medical industry makes a living off human genetic degradation, and yet they cannot understand or see the obvious “elephant” in the room.

There would be no need for your services if humans were healthy as they once were.