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 Because you are so ill educated I have decided to help you with this and make an article on the blog about this. You are helping me to help others and yourself to get free from HEMG:

DrKillFeeDZ questions:
“1. “Genome Degredation” would imply that we humans, at the very beginning, were a perfect being capable of living forever, impervious to sickness, and incapable of injury… Essentially God-like.. If you will.  A conclusion one could draw from this is that how did these first humans die in the first place?  Technically they should still be alive today.  With such perfection, we would’ve already united classical physics and quantum mechanics into a perfect universal theory, been able to time travel, travel faster than the speed of light, enter black holes unharmed, etc.  Even the idea of evolution would be non-existent because our perfect ancestors would be able to describe the “degradation” of genomes to us.”
1 Answer: The ancients did describe the nature of our degradation.  It is found in many scriptures.  It is called “inherited sin”. “sinful actions causing suffering”   Our ancestors were screwed up, in similar ways to us, and some people, like me, recognized it and described it according to what people could understand.  If you violate the rules for health, you “sinned” and gave your children more genetic defects.   Sin is the violation of health laws to protect the babies.  The wages of “sin” is death; Literally and scientifically clear.

Now even the CDC is using Bible rules to try to help people from the HYPER PANDEMIC we have of STD’s in this country, the USA.  1 in 2.5 people ages 14 to 45 have an STD. STD’s cause fetal mutations from infections at conception.  This is the “sin” described as “unclean” and needing to be separated from the tribe to preserve life and health.  Remember in ancient times we did not need medical aid to survive and prosper. All we needed to do was to maintain clean reproduction , and obviously that is impossible for humans. It is no longer possible for modern humans to produce any healthy babies any more. We are so lost in “sin” and “sinful actions” causing diseases that there is no hope that humans can ever recover from this condition of degradation.

It wasn’t until we were so degraded that the medical industry got its start.

“The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to *abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner*. However, many infected persons may be unaware of their infections because STDs are often asymptomatic or unrecognized.” CDC

Now we have so much sin that 1 in 42 baby boys are born with autism. 
We have lost 44.4% of our once coding genes from “sin”.
We now have some 17000 genetic diseases, “inherited sin”.
One in 10 babies born with serous genetic diseases requiring life long treatments. “Inherited sin passed to babies”
1 in 3 Americans are pre-diabetes. Diabetes is a genetic disease proven by over 40,000 studies on this.  (Inherited sin from our ancestors).

Cancer is now the number one disease killer of children ages 0 to 15. the second most common cause is genetic deformity, and the third is congenital heart disease.  (All caused by sin, “unclean” diseased reproduction causing diseased “mutated” people.)
This is just the tip of the “iceburg” on how bad off modern humans are.

 All the data we have in the real world of physical evidence ONLY shows genetic degradation leading to eventual extinction.  When we stared out there was no need for technology, but there is evidence of extreme technology that no one has been able to figure out some 14,500 years ago in South America.  There is no evolution ever found in real physical evidence.

  You think that degraded and extinct “hominids” decided to come back to life in order to “evolve” into humans. That is insane, beyond any possibility if redeeming a human who believes in garbage like that.   If all we see in modern apes is degradation and they are all on the verge of extinction then that is what they do. They don’t “evolve”.

 We have no science to tell us exactly what the first humans were like. That is an unknown.  We do know we have lost nearly 44% of our once coding genes that are now dead or seen as atavism.   At one time we could see in tetra chromatic vision and had fantastic night vision.  We could smell water 50 miles away and recognize prey from a distance by smell.  We have remnants of that in our genome.  
Here is all the data we have no human evolution, there is nothing else we can call evidence:

The fact that NOT EVEN ONE beneficial mutation has been found in living humans, nor in recent DNA testing of ancient genomes shows even the possibility of “Evolution”. Without a molecular basis for your pseudoscience, it is a brain dead pile of religious mumbo-jumbo based on faith.


  1. Simply, the idea of Darwinism (the root of evolution) is completely logical.  There are no flaws in the theory.  Why the fuck would it make sense that an imperfect being would outlast a perfect being?
    2 Answer: There is no physical evidence of any form of “improvements” to any species living today or in the past.  We have 90% of the now living non bird vertebrates as fossils and the oldest fossils are far more fit and far more complex than the modern version.  Only a moron who believes in magical nonsense “sees” evolution in real evidence. 
    The ancient horse “Hyracotherium” had multiple bones in its legs and more and better teeth. It takes working genes to product bones and joints. When the atrophy or go away it is a GENETIC loss. The ancient wolf was far more fit to survive in the wild that even modern wolves are and dogs have so many genetic defects that breeders teach them to the buyers so they know what to expect.

    The ancient Saber Toothed Tiger has degenerated into the Leopard according to paleontologists. The Leopard is nearly extinct right now.

    The ancient opossum over 100 million years old is now reduced to a rat like creature that lives only 3 years. It has lost many genetic features on this path. And in 100 million years it did not evolve into a new genus.

    Ancient rabbits were fare more fit and it is easy to see.

    Ancient rats are said to be this creature. 

    This is one of the far more fit “rodentia” ancestors. Does it look like a weak and degraded modern rat?


    This along with the fact that not one single PHD of biology, genetics, nor any form of this religion has been able to show me one beneficial mutation that can be verified. They believe they must have happened by faith only.

    Our closets genetic cousins are going extinct. They are just farther on the path of “evolution” to extinction. You see there is no evolution ever found in any evidence.

  2. Darwin’s Evolution in a nut shell.


  1. How would you explain the evolution of diseases?  Why is HIV/AIDS “incurable”?  BECAUSE THE VIRUS ADAPTS TO OUR METHODS OF KILLING IT.  The strains that we CAN kill, die off.  But those that survived, reproduced, which leaves nothing but advanced strains of HIV that are impervious to our previous methods of killing it, and it is now running rampant because we are unable to stop it.


3 ANSWER: First of all you do not understand the nature of viral infections. You sound like you think it is like bug killing. Viral infections live in host cells and often our immune system can only hold them in a condition of dormant until the immune system becomes weak with old age and the virus is released. The ones we can actually kill are older strains.


And We don’t kill any virus inside a human body. There are NO treatments to stop a viral infection PERIOD. There is only the human immune system (or animal immune system) to stop them. We have some forms of antiviral drugs, but they really don’t cure anything. And they have horrible side effects as most modern drugs.



HIV is a virus whose host cell is the immune system cells. That is why it is so ugly. Your body is not going to attack its own immune system and destroy it, because that would kill you. It cannot recognize these cells as “self vs not self” because they are “self”.

The HIV enters into the immune protein of the CCR5 (chemokine receptors ) area of our body. It uses this immune protein as the entry point into the immune system and reverse transcripts the immune cell into screwed up cells that no longer work to ward off diseases. This is why it is so hideous as a disease.


Here is a video showing how this works. Also all of the reverse transcript we found in our DNA is an infection from the past that has destroyed healthy DNA. ERV’s are the history of our genetic “sin”.


Other types of infections we get are caused by not following health rules about what to eat. Eating meat and certain types of meat is bad for humans because of the fact that human DNA matches some animal DNA and a virus that was benign in humans transferred into a pig for instance, will mutate and can come back and kill millions of people. This is why the Bible said that God told the Jews not to eat Pigs. It is not “kosher” or safe to eat.

After 50,000,000 people died of the swine flue in the early part of the 20th century, that certainly proved God to be correct. After all God made humans and virus and knows what is needed for health. What to eat and what not to eat and how to live for health.


  1. An analogy of your misconception would be to say that our universe started as an infinitely large space and is in the process of collapsing into a singularity (the exact opposite of the big bang).  Obviously this isn’t true.  This would basically describe time as moving backwards.


4 Answer: You are so ill educated by this system of stupid humans groping in the dark and believing in their own lies that I don’t think you stand a chance at a new life in the new earth promised by God. Because you are described in the Bible as being the opposite of what God wants living in the new kingdom on earth.

You use this idiotic religion to feed your own weaknesses and need to sin that is built into your degraded body. You cannot overcome your animal compulsions, hate, fear, and diseased thinking.

There is only evidence of a Creator who set this in motion and humans disobeying the law of life. That is why humans suffer so much. Why women having babies today are in such fear of having a diseased child, suffering with the diseases and death of a child is very common today.

Those who promote this diseased thinking that humans are OK or have evolved are the problem with humanity. So basically, your thinking is THE problem with humanity and why we are going so rapidly extinct.


  1.  How IN THE FUCK would you explain the last 200 years of technology progression?  Wouldn’t we have STARTED OUT with time machines and teleportation devices?  Not seeking to create them?  There was no such thing as a fucking airplane 200 years ago, and now we have aircraft that can travel over 3,000 km/h.  Time progression, technology progression, intelligence progression.


5 Answer: Do you even understand what technology is? The technology that humans have is so primitive and simple that you cannot call it advanced. I live and breath in the world of technology and I can tell you it is really simple shit. It is just some simple stuff piled on top of other simple stuff. And since the 1950’s we have not had any “new technology” just more of the same, a bit faster, a bit more piles of simple stuff put in smaller boxes. A little better metallurgy. Larger Nuclear bombs to kill people with.


And technology has not had any good effect on the human body. We are rapidly degrading because of technology and most of technology is about killing people as fast as possible with modern weapons. War and killing is the main cause of technology. That is proof that technology is basically bad in the hands of humans.


As Albert Einstein said: “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”


The technology of your DNA is far more complex than any human technology. That was designed and made by God. And you think humans are intelligent? Humans are more stupid now than ever. As Dr. Gerald Crabtree, renowned professor of genetics at Stanford University in CA, humans are losing intelligence. PERIOD. This comes from his research into ancient DNA comparisons. He is a master of genetic studies with dozens of peer papers published.


The medical industry is self evident that it only supports further diseases and suffering as being normal. Curing diseases or stopping the cause of disease is counter productive to the huge masses of money made by the medical industry. The medical industry never thinks in terms of reversing this rapid rise in genetic diseases. It is only about money and more money.


The rapid rise of the medical industry is more absolute evidence of human genetic degradation.


6. “Science has never cured any diseases at all.”  Well, then what the fuck happened to small pox?  Genetic diseases on the other hand are literally incurable and unstoppable, because they’re caused by unpredictable mutations in our genes, and can be recessive genes that are passed down without a hint of illness.  You would probably have to kill around 98% of the entire population to get rid of all potentially harmful genomes. 


ANSWER: Can you name even one disease that has been cured, no longer afflicts humans? And you do know that doctors have created new diseases using antibiotics. WE have strains of MRSA and Gonorrhea that are resistant to antibiotics. The medical industry is stating that we are at the end of the “antibiotic era” and they have nothing else to use after that.


According to Jehovah God’s scriptures, what is going to happen is this. All those destroying life on earth will be destroyed at “Armageddon” the final war that destroys all evil (those who support suffering and death as “good”) on the earth. The earth will be cleaned and remade new and only those who surrender to God’s will, joyfully without exception will be allowed to live on a new paradise earth. All of the genomes will be restored to health by the Creator over a period of time. All those in the tombs will be brought back to a time of judgment or a time of freedom based on the condition of their minds and bodies. Those who insist on death, get death. Those who love life and want to live under God’s rules will get long healthy lives.


You can choose life or death. God is not going to allow humans to rule any longer because we have proven beyond all shadow of doubts to be incapable of being set free on the earth.




If my evidence is still insufficient of curing your ignorance, let me know.  I will gladly provide more.”


Answer: You have only shown your ignorance and have absolutely no understanding of genetics nor biology nor any science. Anybody who thinks that technology as humans use it has been a good thing for humans is crazy. And I make my living using technology to help people with diseases.