Yes I am Talking To You

 This is for all those who think they have the correct position on life.
You have no idea what is going on, but you think you do. That is  a common theme for modern people. When people believe in things that have no basis in physical evidence, that is a psychological phenomenon called delusional.  When you have a mass of people who believe in the same delusion it is called mass hysteria.  All of the people who believe in Evolution or any modern deflection from the Truth,  that life came from one cell and humans evolved without any intelligent design are insane.

What they do is what you do.. Avoid any evidence or anything outside the cult of delusion you belong to.   When it comes from academia and they promote your particular compulsion, desire, lust, greed or what controls you the most you have more difficulty getting free, because so many are delusional and forced to believe in order to get a job, or whatever they fear will happen if they don’t conform.

There is a difference between knowing that you are conforming and not knowing.  The difference is those who actually seek the Truth over all else and are “worshipers” of the Truth.  Unfortunately with the modern diseased and weak minded humans we have very few people who want to seek to find the truth.  They would rather conform and be “acceptable” to all those going into a pit of nothingness.
Blind Leading Blind
Blind Leading the Blind into a pit of death. This is more relevant today than ever.
I guess evolution is the religion of modern degraded who do not have the ability to look around, but only have “bumper strip” mentality.  If you can’t fit it on a bumper strip, then you don’t have an attention span long enough to study evidence and figure it out for yourself.

You must conform and be “acceptable” which is a major tool of Hitler, Stalin, The USA, Germany, etc. All of them have ways to make you conform (for your own “good” like them).   So, this phenomenon is also called the “lemming syndrome”.  You would walk off a cliff to your death if you were told to and many others had already jumped and died, so it must be the thing to do.

Billions have already done that ride off the cliff into nothingness.
If you are not seeking the Truth of the matter, then you are easy to dupe into any modern indoctrination and will become part of the problem.

And you use other idiots in your life and on you tube or face book or what ever,  to reinforce your disease that you all share.

It is an interesting phenomenon to watch and learn just how confused and screwed up lemmings are.  This is not new, and has been the basis of society for thousands of years.  You will notice that all those “empires”  and “kingdoms” from before are now weak and stupid as soon as they follow the same path to cultural destruction.  And the modern ones are so weak and fearful they let other countries take them over in the name of “being a good citizen”.

How do people get this stupid?
Here is one guys lecture on this type of phenomenon. He was an ex KGB operative who defected from India to the USA.