Ancient Complex Computers

Reality is far more interesting and tells the Truth much better than fantasy.

In case you are not up to speed on DNA studies of ancient people….Ancient people were a lot more intelligent and had far better memories.  Many of the ancient scriptures were handed down by word of mouth for over 5000 years. This is because humans could remember large volumes of information and have instant recall. 

In India the Upanishads, having thousands of verses was passed down for over 5500 years before it was written down.   There was no need for paper if you have a perfect memory and can recall things in 3D. 

The average IQ must have been in the 250 range.

There is a fellow in ancient Greece who designed an astrological clock in 3D without any drawings. It took scientists nearly 3 years to  figure out how it works.  
It was made about 70 BCE.

Here is a later version from about 700 years ago.

And the recent study of Ancient DNA by the renowned scientist and professor of genetics at Stanford, Dr Gerald Crabtree, came to the conclusion that the ancients were far more intelligent and far less emotional.  The simply were not as degraded as we are.

So when you compare the ancients to modern people you are comparing people who were more intelligent than Einstein as the common person.  The need for technology and medical had not developed because there was no need.