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As a long time scientist and using the scientific method for over 47 years, I find it difficult to believe the degradation found in academic science today that doesn’t even resemble the science created by those we honor.

Galileo suffered to get political crap out of science. They put him in house arrest for his work against the political establishment.

Isaac Newton;  overcame many restrictions by proving how physics works.  His book is totally correct science to this day.


Now we have people desperate to remove moral restriction on their lives and misrepresenting the US constitution as a means to destroy science and use it for the new religion of atheists.

This is so pathetic and is harmful to any science student, because they stop proper scientific inquiry and put limits on it.  Whatever method of testing a hypothesis or theory they tell you you cannot use, is the method you actually need to use. When someone is telling you what is science and what is not, go tell them to take a flying leap into a pile of crap.


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