What is the cause of Diabetes?

“Isn’t diabetes caused by diet?  Eating foods high in fat? or what?”

Diabetes is up 366% in 29 years in the USA.

There are two basic types of diabetes and many variations causing different issues.  Type 1 and Type 2 and the full onset Type 1 insulin dependent at any age is now called Type 1.5.

Diabetes is a genetic disease according to medical studies.
People deny their own science, because it doesn’t fit with a fantasy that somehow you are in control of the defects you have inherited from your ancestors.   People hate the idea that they have a destiny caused by the activities of our ancestors that caused us to degrade.

All the diet and exercise you can do will not stop you from dying of some genetic disease you inherited from your ancestors.  You inherited the (sins) genetic mistakes  of your ancestors who were just as stupid as we are chasing after things that cause diseases.

The most you can do with diet and nutrition is to postpone the inevitable.
The American Diabetes Association clearly states that diabetes is genetic with environmental triggers.

Type one is where the “flu” or any infection causes the immune system to destroy your insulin producing cells in your pancreas.  It attacks and destroys “thinking”  the beta cells are pathogens.  This is called a genetic disease, and has NO CURE.   People who are Type 1 diabetes need insulin and will die without it.




The medical industry has never cured any diseases at all.  Yet they get lots of funding to find “cures”.  It is a money train fed by human hopes and fears.  There is nothing you can do to offset the horrible condition mankind is in, except to find the way to peace and joy in the middle of our self imposed genetic suicide we continue on.

“My professors say that humans are “evolving” and only 1/3 of people have diabetes so the other 2/3 must be better off.”

This is the forever “hopeful” humanity but it is not based on any scientific evidence.

You are so full of confusion and ignorance of any human physiology, genetics and medical science there isn’t a good place to start. But I have compassion for you and all those as ignorant as you and for those “professors”, “teachers” and “preachers” who have no clue from being indoctrinated by an ignorant system.

Who really wants to know the truth of our condition?  Who would want to think about the fact that genetic diseases have risen between 200% and 400% in 60 years of human ignorance and denial of how we are made.

You don’t know anything at all about foods, diet, diabetes, what causes fat people causes diabetes, or any real science on that subject.

This is utter nonsense:  “having a high fat diet”  has any relationship to diabetes cause.

Meat which is toxic to humans is a known trigger for diabetes.  Eating MEAT (particularly red meat and processed meats)  taxes the immune system and also triggers diabetes.  There have been over 1000 studies on this since 1917 that I know of.    Because meat is so addictive and toxic humans “love it.”  It is what we call an “inflammatory food.”


Questioner says:
“They are simply [pancreatic beta cells] ‘overused’ though an individual over eating and having a high fat diet….the same consequences occur with everything that is overused.”

Two errors in this statement based on scientific reality ,  facts and not from fairy tale beliefs.   It is sympathetic or compassionate to lie to you and say it is all caused by magic and for no reasons?

Dietary FAT is a SLOW burning carbohydrate and is GOOD for Diabetics and FAT people.
It does not immediately turn into blood sugar as (commercial low fat, high sugar foods) and so it allows SLOW processing as it gives a more constant food supply to your blood stream.  It simply burns slowly and keeps the hunger away longer.  You will notice that “diet bars” have slow digesting high fat foods in them.

Sugar and starchy foods are FAST burning carbohydrates that leave FAT people HUNGRY all the time.  So FAT people are always hungry and constantly taxing their insulin producing organs, from eating LOW FAT.

FAT ( Organic (in all examples) butter, olive and nut oils, cheeses,cream, whole milk and whole yogurts, etc) in your diet has been proven to be not only a diet food for weight loss, it is a good thing, better nourishment.
FAST carbohydrates are BAD things for fat people.

High (organic) FAT is normally better for FAT people to lose weight, but  not overeating and it is satisfying and keeps hunger away.  Because it reduces fat storage and is far better at slow burning carbohydrates to eliminate hunger.  You need to have food available during the day to live on.


When you eat sugars they go directly to fat and then you have nothing to live on, so you eat more to get some glucose in your system, but always too much at a time and too fast, so your body naturally can’t use it up that fast and turns it immediately into fat in your body.  Then you are hungry again because the food is now only in your fat cells.

Fat cells do not put food in your body until you reach a level of exercise or need (from staving yourself) to use it.   Since people don’t starve themselves in an affluent society, the fast carbohydrates sugars are constantly fed and overdosing your blood with sugar that goes immediately into fat cells.

All the foods labeled “Low Fat” are almost always HIGH sugar or High in fast carbohydrates. These crap foods are sold to make money and make people hungry all the time, snacking on “low fat” because it is sold as “good” for them (by the greedy rich elite bastards).  This crap makes you hungry all the time.

On this I am an expert. because of genetically, having a predisposition to TYPE 1 diabetes and avoiding it for 61 years I have personal life knowledge on it.

I have been studying diet for 50 years and practice what I preach, In my studies only reading books by people who actually have success, not from the bullshit published by the meat and processed food lawyers and  lobbies.

My mother didn’t feed us much sugar at all. She was born and raised on a farm and we ate decent foods.

My brothers did not do well when they left home and started on the “fast food” crap high sugar and red meat diets.

Both of my brothers are amputees from not ever listening to any common sense on diet. They never studied anything and simply were victims of the medical/political crap as you are..Their diabetes came on in their 30’s and 40’s.

My next older brother use to put florescent tape on his shoes when he drove so he could find them to press on the accelerator or brakes. He had no feeling in his feet and now has no foot on one leg.

I have been physically fit all my life and it wasn’t until I was 61 years old that is got type 1.5 diabetes; late onset full diabetes from autoimmune destruction of my pancreatic beta cells.  At this very advanced age to get diabetes is considered very rare.  I am remarkable and doctors don’t understand it.  They have never had anyone “like me” as they say.   I have since met a few others like me on the diabetes forums.  They now have a new thread section for “type 1.5”

I got the flu in the winter of 2009 and my screwed up immune system finally destroyed my beta cells.  Now I am full insulin dependent.

You see NO MATTER what your fairy tale beliefs; your weak degraded genetics determines your health and if you are not aware of anything REAL, as you are, you will fall for the bullshit from the “market place”, that is taught in the universities.  You will suffer from your ignorance of health and diet as fed by the rich corporations who own the food markets.

The British diet has been known for a long time to be crap.  At one time (not too long ago 1900) your universities taught that vegetables were bad for your health and tomatoes were poison.   Heavy meat and potatoes was what your scientists taught.  So much for the arguments of authority.

It turns out that the Mediterranean diet of Sicily and parts of Italy is one of the healthiest diets on the planet, next to a small group of people living on Okinawa an island near Japan.

It just amazes me how you fall for emotional controls of your stupid government.  All governments are the same these days. Feed the rich elites and to hell with health, or any decent life. Money, is the god of you and yours.  You can “un-join” this religious crap anytime  you want.  But ego and pride and all the lies you told because you were lied to are your enemy.

You country, UK,  has the fastest rise of breast cancer of any civilized country.  173% in 34 years. Fastest rise of skin cancer of ANY country on earth, including Africa.  1300% rise between 1948 and 2009 in men with skin cancer.

706% rise in syphilis in 10 years.

Apparently, you and your education system have no understanding of health, diet, nor anything from your countries published health statistics.  The proof is in the rampant sickness in your country.

The reality of your condition negates your religion of crap pseudoscience.  That somehow you can live at odds with how you are made and be “healthy” if you get enough drugs and keep eating crap foods.

It is a very diseased and sick society and all I saw on BBC when I was there were complaints about the NHS and complaints about the nanny government.   It is sad to see you all suffering so much in ignorance.  Your country seems like a country of weak whiners who put themselves at the mercy of the rich elites.

Political pride/indoctrination is a disease as are all human belief systems (BS) as I talk about in my very first videos.

The Brits have a long history of rape, pillage and murder for greed.  They are full of blood guilt.  Trying to be a tolerant society out of guilt has only added diseases. They actually think that religious morals are not good, when your ancestors turned to the Bible after the plague killed half the population of Europe in the 1300’s.

Your British (King owned royal church, and indoctrinated dogma) Christianity are the Christians that Mahatma Gandhi was talking about:

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Mahatma Gandhi

There is nothing wrong with God or Christ, only with your Christians.